The Challenge: 
The first thing that comes to mind whenever we get a cut or scrape is “Band-aid.” This isn't surprising due to the fact that they take up almost the whole first-aid section in any grocery store! Due to this, we force ourselves to use Band-aid even if it's insufficient.
Our Solution: 
Fit For Reality. 
New-Skin doesn’t force you to comply. If you have a scrape on your elbow, you no longer have to worry about a band-aid flinging around collecting dirt. By explicitly indicating this problem along with others, we bring attention to the benefits of switching to New-Skin.    It adjusts to you, a human with real dimensions.
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While going to the grocery store to buy New-Skin, I had such a hard time finding it. If you look closely at the picture below, it's at the very top, all the way to the right, in a dark blue box.
My partner and I realized that this was a problem and thought that while we may not change the packaging size, we can draw attention to the product by making an elaborate questionnaire that leads you to the same result.
New-Skin already has a spray version of their product, but it's kind of bulky. The reason that is, is because it requires an aerosol spray. Currently, there's keychain versions of hairspray, why not use that technology?
By shifting this product to "On-The-Go Packaging," it would be perfect for the person that is practical and refuses to deal with pesky bandages while being out and about. 
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